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Why it's important to take control of negative feedback
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Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI explains why it is important to take control of negative feedback and how Talenthub allows to do that.
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JYSK Delivers Quality Furniture and an Excellent Candidate Experience
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Measuring candidate experience is essential to develop a successful recruitment process. It all starts with getting feedback from candidates. That can be challenging, but knowing what to do with all that data can become a real puzzle. Let’s focus on one company, JYSK, and see why they started workin...
21 Email Templates
21 Email Templates to Use in Your Candidate Journey
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Get inspired by mail templates and improve your candidate experience instantly by updating your candidate communication.
Use Case Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero: Delivering Food and an Amazing Candidate Experience use case
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Delivery Hero had done their homework. They knew candidate experience was important, and they were looking to take steps to improve their recruitment process. But they just had one problem: they had no efficient tool to analyse all the member feedback they collected.
Guide to Measuring Your Candidate Experience
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Measuring candidate experience requires time and effort, but it brings a great reward: a better recruitment process that boosts brand reputation and attracts top talent. Over 78% of applicants say candidate experience is an indication of how companies treat their employees. That shows why it’s essen...
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Turn Your Unsuccessful Candidates into Brand Ambassadors
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Believe it or not, you can turn unsuccessful candidates into ambassadors for your brand! Just look at Virgin. A complete overhaul of their underwhelming customer experience strategy turned losses of 4.5 million pounds a year due to their poor performance into an increase to their NPS of a whopping 6...
What is Candidate Experience and Why You Should Care?
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Companies are doing everything they can to ensure their employees are happy. But why not start before, when employees are still just applicants? Candidate experience is very much connected to your employer brand since over 75% of applicants say the experience during a recruitment process is an indic...
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2020 Wrapped
Webinar Candidate Experience Highlights 2020
On our last candidate experience webinar in 2020, we will go through some of the highlights from this year. We will share, what we have learned, and discuss the future of candidate experience. I am looking forward to personally welcome all participants for the last time this year. Hope to see you 👋...
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How to optimize your Candidate communication (September)
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Talenthub's head of sales is joining this webinar along with one of our Candidate Experience Specialists to tell you more about the area of candidate experience.  Fredrik Berggren and Line Lindholm will dive into ways that you can improve your Candidate Experience and show you specific email templat...
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How to optimize your Candidate communication (April)
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On this webinar, the CEO of talenthub, Daniel Birkholm, let you know why candidate experience is an essential discipline for organisations to master in the changing hiring environment that recruiters face today. One of our candidate experience specialists is joining to share with the audience some o...
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How to get started measuring Candidate Experience
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Candidate experience is gaining tremendous interest from talent acquisition teams, recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. During this webinar, talenthub's head of sales, Fredrik Berggren, will explain why candidate experience is gaining so much attention at the moment. Our Candidate Experience sp...
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How to optimize your candidate communication
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On the first webinar in talenthub's history, our CEO Daniel Birkholm presents to the audience some of the core reasons of why candidate experience is essential for companies today.  Also participating in this webinar is Line Lindholm, one of our candidate experience specialists. During the webinar, ...
How to get started measuring your Candidate Experience
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Delivery Hero always delivers an amazing experience to their customers, and naturally, they want to do the same for all of their applicants.  Watch this webinar if you want to learn from some of the best talent acquisition teams in the world - Delivery Hero. Hear about their experiences getting star...
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10 easy ways to Optimize your Candidate Experience
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Would you like to optimize your candidate experience? Follow these 10 simple steps to become the champion of candidate experience in less than 30 days.
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Candidate experience talk by talenthub.io
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Candidate Experience Talk is a new monthly webinar where we will cover the latest trends within Candidate Experience. To kick off this webinar we have gathered Manjuri Sinha from OLX and Petter Torgersen from Car. Software Organisation to get their reflection on this booming topic. The average ratin...